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At Astute Tutors, we help students conquer subjects with specialized one-on-one tutoring. With the implementation of innovative technologies and research in education, we provide superior teaching quality for a wide variety of subjects. You can count on us to connect you or your child with a specialized tutor. We guarantee you an exceptional customer service experience and outstanding results. Contact us today to schedule your first tutoring session.

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Astute Tutors is invested in making sure that you are happy with the tutoring services we provide, and so far it seems like we’re doing a great job. Have a look at what some of our students have to say about us.

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I sent 16 pages of a book in German - which I don't speak - to Astute Tutors to be translated into English. Put simply, they did an amazing job. Not only did they designate a separate page for each page in the book so I could match the English to the German, the English flowed naturally and was easily comprehensible. Meanwhile, their fee for this service was about one-third the cost of what I was quoted by a firm that does translations for legal documents. I am really happy with Astute Tutors.

Michael E.

Astute Tutors really cares about their students. I would definitely recommend Astute Tutors if you are looking to learn your subjects well, especially.

Ignat A.

Astute Tutors provide a phenomenal tutoring service. Our tutor Gene knows practically everything there is to know about chemistry. It’s not a question of what Gene knows, rather it’s how much depth you would like him to cover. Gene is also extremely patient and very enthusiastic about teaching new concepts. With his help, my son scored a perfect 100% on a recent quiz. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that Gene was quite flexible and willing to work with my son’s erratic sports schedule. He was willing to meet with us the same day we requested help. I highly recommend Astute Tutors for your tutoring needs!

Ewen W.

My chemistry tutor is doing a wonderful job tutoring me. He explains everything very well and has helped me a lot. He is the best tutor I have ever had, and I'm grateful to finally have a tutor that knows his chemistry, gives me practice problems to work on, and is courteous on how I would prefer to have things explained. I look forward to continuing to have him as my tutor for my future classes also. I'm glad to have a perfect tutor because it will truly benefit me in getting through college successfully.

Elena G.

I was struggling in my AP chemistry so my friend told me to check these guys out. They helped me out and taught me what I wasn't able to learn in class. I would recommend checking them out.

John P.

A tutor from Astute Tutors helped me out with math problems that i struggled with. After his help everything was easy to understand. I highly recommend working with Astute Tutors.

Alex R.

I was struggling in my biochemistry class and was ready to give up when a friend suggested I find a tutor to help me. I went online and found Astute Tutors and decided to give them a try. After the first few sessions with my tutor I found out that I have what it takes to do well in the class. In fact, I received an A on my next exam! I am so happy I came across this tutoring service and will definitely use it in the future (:

Jessie B.

My tutor helped me with editing my essays, assignments, and research paper for my English literature class. I was impressed by the thorough feedback that she provided. My writing has improved by a lot, which is exemplified in my class grade and performance.

Avery S.

I needed someone to help me understand the physics topics we were going over in class, so I tried out Astute Tutors. I am an engineering major, but have always found physics difficult to understand. The tutor was very patient with me and helped me see the problems from a different perspective. I am beyond grateful for his support and ability to help me grasp the physics concepts and apply them to solving problems!

Skyler A.

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